Apple Bowl With Woodpecker Art

The apple wood exterior of this bowl is splendid, of course, being made out of apple, but in addition, it has a series of short, dark brown streaks. These are due to the industry of the woodpecker. Every year, this apple tree was a favorite feeding spot for those little sapsuckers. The trunk of the tree was covered with the tell-tale holes. Every hole would lead to a small local bacterial infection that, in turn, left a small scar, manifested as a dark spot. This bowl was turned green and allowed to warp, which is the reason for its slightly oval shape and wavey rim. The inside of the bowl almost looks like porcelain. It is colored in a deep green/teal and brought to a high gloss with multiple applications of shellac. The woodpecker’s handiwork shows up as black spots against the deep color of the interior.



Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 3 × 7.5 × 8 in


Wood species


Edge type

Wavy Edge



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