Green With Red Pin Stripes

I’m going to get wonky here for a moment. This tree measures about 4.5″ wide at the bottom. That means that I probably started out with a piece of wood that was 5″ square. That’s a very thick piece of hardwood. Lumber mills don’t carry wood this thick because it is too heavy or would take too long to dry. The only way to get wood this thick is to do it yourself. And you can’t just use a log that’s about 5″ in diameter. No, that would almost certainly split right down the center if you tried to dry it; you’d have to start with a piece that was at least 12″ wide and go from there. So I do all that — I get the logs, cut and saw them up, seal them and dry them (which takes some time), turn them into a pleasing tree shape (if I do say so myself), paint and finish, sign and photograph — all so that you can have a nice holiday tree to brighten your home or give to a beloved friend or relative. Don’t want to lay the guilt on too heavily, but, ya know, I do it all for you.



Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 8 in


Wood species





green, red, silver

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