Large Larch

Round these parts, the larch is known as the tamarack tree. It is an unusual evergreen in that its needles turn yellow in the fall and drop off. But you should know that this holiday tree is made from spalted maple, which, truth be told, is more interesting wood than larch. In fact, the only reason I used larch in the title is that it gave me the alliteration I required once I fixed on the descriptor, large. And the large part is quite accurate; at 14.5″ high this is quite a big fella. The dark black lines – characteristic of spalted wood – show through the dark green treatment to give a quite interesting visual texture (sort of the counterpart of tactile contrast). I left the top sphere natural, and it too has a touch of the spalt. The underside is left natural, and there’s lots of cool grain color variation there as well. Red and gold accents and a gloss finish make this tree happy and bright.



Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 14.5 in


Wood species





red, green, silver, gold, natural

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