One Foot-Pound

A most undeserved title for this lovely tree, “one foot-pound.” But, you see, I take a lot of measurements for both weight and dimensions and it can be tedious work. This time around, I was startled upon realizing that the height, 12 inches, and the weight, 16 oz, both hit dead-on the English standard measurements of the foot and the pound. As the saying goes, what are the odds? Well, the foot-pound is also the name of the standard English unit for torque, as in when you’re tightening a screw, or punching the gas on your hot rod, or turning on your lathe to turn a nice holiday tree.  So it’s a good size tree, and it’s made from a nicely figured piece of cherry. That figure is evident in the dyed red sections of this piece. Green bands play their part in the holiday concert (ha, ha). Gold accents and an alabaster topper make for nice flourishes. The coats of shellac went on one after another. In total it was a number beyond reckoning. But that’s what was required for this bright finish, and so it was done.



Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 12 in


Wood species



Painted, Dyed


gold, green, red, white

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