Petrified Pine

This is an “end-grain” live-edge bowl, which means it contains the pith. Normally, this is a risky proposition as end-grain bowls really, really want to split when they dry. My method for controlling this is to stick it in a vat of boiled linseed oil as soon as the surface is dry. Pine is a very light wood but it is also very absorbent so it takes up quite a bit of oil. And the oil tends to “loosen” things up in terms of internal stresses due to drying. All that oil also lends some extra heft to the bowl and it tends to darken the wood somewhat, as is the case here. Many coats of shellac bring the extremely flat finish boiled linseed oil leaves up to a nice satin sheen.


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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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Natural Edge


Linseed Oil Soak

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