Purposeful Pin Oak Bowl

This is a substantial pin oak bowl that will dominate a dining room table and so the table should be equal to the task.  Pin oak is a type of red oak (pointy leaves) and the the woods are essentially indistinguishable.  Which is to say that, like northen red oak, it has lots of detail in the porous grain and the color tends to the warmer side of white oak.  This piece also has a slight bit of spalting on one side, which expresses itself as black dots and lines.  It is finished to a semi-gloss sheen via many coats of an oil blend.  I wouldn’t serve soup in it, but it can safely handle things like fruit, nuts or bread.  I suspect it prefers to be empty, though, in order to better display its beautiful grain and color.  Vain bowl.


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Weight 55 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4 in


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