The Tempest

This 13″ tree is a thing to behold and a lot went into it. I started with some knotty pine that also had some amazingly textured grain. When it hit the oil, half the grain turned dark brown while the other half, and the knot, remained an intense amber color. After about a week, the tree was pulled from the oil and allowed to dry — about another week. Then the long finishing process began. About 10 coats of thin shellac were applied, with sanding in between. The effect is not only like glass but the depth of the wood seems three dimensional. The dark upper portion of the tree contrasts nicely with the pure white finial. And you can still smell the linseed (aka, flax) oil — a pleasant nutty smell.



Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 13 in


Wood species



Boiled Linseed Oil Soak, Painted



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