Torrent Of Green

This sizable chap came from a big piece of cherry. I locate, haul, and saw up all my own wood. I remember getting the wood that this piece came from, and I remember, more specifically, that the piece of dried stock that I used was around 6″x6″ – about as wide as my trees get (to date, anyway). The colors are a base of two greens, a chromium green and a phthalo green. On top of those, I applied streaks of iridescent silver. And then on top of that, the original base colors. This technique actually gives a variety of colors due to mixing and overlaying. I very much like the end effect. Highlights are in red and a custom silver-gold mixture. High gloss shellac finish.



Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10.5 in


Wood species





green, silver, red, gold

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