Wintery Mix

I’ll let you in on my process a bit here. When I finish forming a tree on the lathe, I put down my gouges and chisels and turn toward the paint brushes. And here’s the thing: I almost always decide then and there what color scheme I’m going to go with. I’m happy to report that I’m usually quite pleased with how the color phase plays out, but sometimes it’s a struggle, as it was with this tree. Red oak is super-porous, and I’ve always been fond of going with a dark color in the pores that ends up presenting itself in contrast to the top color. And that worked out very well here, with the top colors alternating between silver and copper. But at that point I wasn’t really happy with the look yet. I decided to add dark green bands at the ends of the branches, and that brought it along some but didn’t quite suffice. And then it hit me: what this tree needs is some snow. I added swirls of white and, as is said in some quarters, Boom! It really transformed this tree. All that was left was to jazz up the finial and base in gold and I was a happy elf again. But not before applying my trademark gloss finish in shellac.



Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 11 in


Wood species

Red Oak




white, green, gold, copper, blue

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